How will my heart know you if my body betrays me at your merest breath?

If the heat of dancing can be confused for the heat of desire.If the sparkle in your eye is simply the reflection from bright lights in the gallery. If the flush on your cheek is just a sip of red wine too far. If the welling silence between us is just a function of waiting for a song to end to speak.

Can the narrowing  angle between our bodies, the slide of glance from eyes to lip to eyes be a lie? Such a good lie. A lie so good I want to  believe it. I want to believe that bodies will close together, clothes will fade from touch, eyes will bind and lips will savour.

That as you open me and enter me I will enter your heart. That as your arms hold me so I will hold your soul, safe from life’s work. And somewhere in the journey through flesh we will find our safe harbour waiting in each other.

Tell me, so I can tell my heart; how will I know you?

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3 Responses to Heart

  1. onlywheni May 12, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    Just love phrase safe harbour. You use it so well.

  2. Ken May 12, 2010 at 4:10 pm #

    Need I tell you I love the page you just turned to..

  3. Ornithologist May 12, 2010 at 4:56 pm #

    Escaping the labyrinth of conflicting thoughts.
    Icarus flew too high and he was doomed.
    Will today's bird fly too high as well and eventually fall into the nearby sea?
    Some birds are rather ground bound but still want to quench the thirst.

    Bird rhymes with flirt. One couldn't make it up.
    How to know where to go, where to fly to.
    The safe harbour, aka nest, is tried and tested.

    Taking off does not always mean a crash landing, last shown dramatically on Dec 17, 1903.

    How do I know what waits behind paper thin distance.
    How do I know about closeness vs. hotness.

    Thin paper can break at close distance.
    Contact of skin replacing the words.
    Sounds can replace words.
    Sensations or feelings.
    Fascinating words, written on virtual paper, flying through the ether. Body language, mine and hers.

    This must be a Wednesday in May.


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