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I used to play with words on Twitter a lot more than I do now.  Tonight something lovely happened, someone else asked for a writing prompt so I suggested “draw” and then feeling a little playful I tweeted out the following words and then some more folk joined in and a lot of words got […]

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Annie bit her nails as she listened to Toby speak.  He watched her and frowned. It was a bad habit, not her worst but perhaps, her most annoying, it demonstrated that his influence had not yet reached into her past, into the time before him that had made her who she was when they met. […]

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Pin :: Fuck me Friday

This week a short piece for Aisling Weaver’s Fuck Me Friday, the prompt is “pin” and you can read all the other entries here. :: Pin :: Carefully she pinned the badge on my lapel.  To anyone else it was a simple enamel heart motif, to me it was the end of my apprenticeship and […]

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Flat expanse of mud and sand, saturated with the salt of the sea. Days haze hanging low over hills shading green to grey, the sun fights to warm land, water and body.  Chilled from harsh words, bones ache and the only heat is the blush of shame.  Red flesh against blue heart. The taste of […]

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Fuck Shit Tit Wank Fran swore under her breath as she typed and then swore again when she read back the autocorrect Fucking Sodding Phone She banged it down as angry tears spilled, dragging mascara in muddy rivulets across her cheek.  All she was trying to do was dump the bastard and even technology seemed […]

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