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Normal : erotic ebook release

I’m so very excited to announce the release of my new erotic ebook, Normal. Some of you may remember it from the episodes I posted here, but for those that don’t it is an erotic tale of Eddie, her mistress Madame and the mysterious Alain. Eddie and her mistress spend their weekends soaked in sex; […]

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Pin :: Fuck me Friday

This week a short piece for Aisling Weaver’s Fuck Me Friday, the prompt is “pin” and you can read all the other entries here. :: Pin :: Carefully she pinned the badge on my lapel.  To anyone else it was a simple enamel heart motif, to me it was the end of my apprenticeship and […]

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The lock rattled in the door, Anna heard it and her stomach flipped.  Key in hand Jared’s cock twitched.  Both of them knew what would happen next but neither of them knew what to expect. Jared and Anna had been penpals some months now, introduced by a social network’s spider’s web of friends of friends […]

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As with everything she did there were two sides, soft and hard. I was blindfolded and in nothing but my heels, I felt her lean over me and push my knees up,  her breath warm on my exposed pussy and then nothing but the sound of her as she walked away across the wooden floor, […]

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