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NEWS! I’m working with Velvet Books on a series of erotica anthologies

I’m so thrilled to let you all know that I’ve been approached by Velvet Books to work on a series of anthologies with them.   Last month I finally had time to make it up to London to meet with the team and thrash out the details and I have to say it is looking […]

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Pressed Flesh :: extract

Last week I wrote about my challenge to myself to write more vanilla sex into my stories – and by vanilla I mean sex with no paraphernalia or kink, the sex of two people expressing their desire for each other without agenda.  Sounds rather nice doesn’t it? Today I’ve finished a scene which I hope hits the […]

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In Vitro : Pregnancy

I love the way Emma looks right now, her body swollen and with the developing life inside.  I only wish that it could have been my seed that made her this way, instead I take every opportunity to fill her with my come, as if by some magic I can nourish the growth inside her. […]

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In Vitro

How long should we expect her to live? It wasn’t the question you ever want to ask of a child, but she wasn’t a child yet, she was still a bundle of cells. How could I be so sure she was a she, call it women’s intuition.  Andy looked up from the microscope, his face tired, […]

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Normal :: Wank Wednesday

Welcome to week 31 of  Wank Wednesday, your weekly festival of smut, find out all about it here. To join in write a story using this week’s prompt #Normal and then use the link widget to add it to the list. I decided to use Normal as the prompt to link in with the release of my […]

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