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He watched her mouth move as she spoke; “I want to fuck you, to feel you inside me, to make you cum and to squirt all over you.” She could have been reciting the phone book it wouldn’t have mattered, he was mesmerised by her pefect lips.  Plump and stained dark with lipstick, glossy from […]

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Folks had been asking for some more pictures so I’ve combined my words with a picture for my first Half-Nekkid Thursday contribution. I hope you enjoy it. Ruby Thanks for reading, Ruby x If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com, don’t be shy leave […]

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He was wound up tight, like a spring.  She could feel the tension vibrating from him, almost humming across the room.They had shared so much together, words, glances, whispered desires and demands.  Shared their darkest thoughts, fulfilled each other’s fantasies, but they had never touched. She supposed this was 21st century courting. Pen pals, cam […]

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Tight – six words – Eroticnotebook & Bettiepeaches

And finally for this week a six words play with @Bettiepeach, a special voyeurs play titled #Tight for @eroticheat.My words are in blue hers in brown. Eyes closed, warm lips pressed Tight breathing quickens. hands exploring. arousal found. hands fall, fingers press, mouths sigh hands bound. cuffs tight. wetness begins. metal clinks, bar spreads, wetness […]

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Six words to fuck you with – Eroticnotebook & Your Dreamer

Thanks go to @your__dreamer for playing with me all day on this set of six words play.My words are in blue, hers are in brown Back arched, breath gasps. Your voice. Teased Clit, juices dripped. I came. Fingered Cunt, hand wet. I slept.  Sweat slicked, body ripped. I dreamt. Come with me inside of you. […]

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