I used to play with words on Twitter a lot more than I do now.  Tonight something lovely happened, someone else asked for a writing prompt so I suggested “draw” and then feeling a little playful I tweeted out the following words and then some more folk joined in and a lot of words got [...]

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Parenting, creativity and time

I’ve held off writing this post for a good six months, I’ve often thought about it, felt the emotion of what I wanted to say well up inside me and sometimes break through as tears of frustration, but what has held me back is the fact that I don’t want to come over as whiney, [...]

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Echo : Wank Wedensday

Before I’d heard your voice once I’d heard it a hundred times. Fractured into countless fragments of sound that vibrate through your movements and pass into the space between us in invisible waves.  I hear your movements before you make them because I see your voice in all you do. I know  your intent because [...]

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New release: Improve your erotica: A beginner’s guide to writing better smut

A while ago a I put together a light-hearted article with my views on how beginner writers can improve their erotica.  The website it was destined for didn’t use it and it languished on my pc for a while. Yesterday I found the perfect use for it, as a trial piece for self-publishing. While I [...]

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Reading erotica, am I expecting too much?

I’ve been given a Kindle and this last week I’ve transfered my library of unread ebooks from my laptop to the Kindle, which has spurred me into catching up with my outstanding erotic reading list and it seems I’m expecting too much from my erotica. What I want from a story, any story, is this: [...]

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