I’m watching you sleep.  You are calm now, at rest in the cooling night. It has been a hot, busy day, preparing for the birth of our child.  Your belly rises under the covers, full of the life we’re yet to meet but has been ruling our lives these last nine months.  I’ve never loved [...]

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I want to be the things you’ve not yet asked for, To fill the gaps that punctuation suggests But only a body can fill. I want to dip and curve, Ripple and bow, Give to you pleasure you’ve not yet named. Bring it forth with the simple prayer of words, Shape them with your tongue [...]

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Normal : erotic fiction re-release by Burning Book Press

I’m delighted to announce the re-release of Normal, my BDSM erotic fiction novella,  by Burning Book Press. Normal started life as a piece of fiction here on the blog and after some gentle persuasion from readers I developed the piece into an annoyingly irregular  blog serial.  I say annoyingly, I’d like to be able to [...]

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Finding a new home

Writing has taken a back seat for me for the last few months, life is always busy and sometimes, when you get out of the habit of something it makes it all the harder to get back into it. I do miss writing but curiously when I made a concerted effort to write every day, [...]

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Drifting in warm sun and memories. To impose my loss on you is a selfish waste, as you too are adrift in a state of graceless confusion. The sun shines on, dust collects on ledge and sill, my heart clouds and memory seeks shade. Loss of a promise is loss of nothing but fantasy, yet [...]

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