Hotel :: part 2

The room opens before me, no cheap Novatel cupboard this.  Spacious and elegantly furnished I take in the bed, desk, low padded bench and chairs.  The array of sex toys on the occasional table and cane on the desk marking its purpose out as anything out of the everyday.
I walk forward and halt in the middle of the room at your command.
“ I want to look at you properly.”
The flush of my orgasm hasn’t left my face as you don’t see me blush at your scrutiny.
“Take off your blouse please”
I untuck and unbutton the black blouse, high necked with tiny buttons down the front, it would be demure were it not sheer silk chiffon.  Trembling fingers fumble the small buttons, slowing me down, I hope you mistake this for seductive allure.  I let the fabric fall softly down my arms.
“And the skirt”
Black to match the shirt the high waisted skirt clings to the curve of my back and my arse, flaring elegantly out, so convenient for your searching fingers earlier.  I unzip it and let it fall and pool at my feet, stepping out of it and
to the side.  I stand in nothing but my underwear, shoes and jewellery.  Black balconette bra, matching knickers and suspenders, seamed  stockings and glossy 3 inch heels.  Jet, crystal and silver flash at my neck, wrists and ear lobes.
I know I look good and I know you will see it, like it, want it.
I am acutely aware of the wet fabric of my knickers between my legs, the sticky overspill of my orgasms seeping down my thighs, the scent of my lust rising in the air.  You circle me and move to a chair, relaxing back into it, your eyes
never leaving me.
I  walk around the room, first back and forth then around, not sure what you want other than to watch me.
I stop and turn to you, I am as far away from you as I can be in the room.
“Take off your bra”
I do, my nipples are hard and erect on my small, pert breasts.
“Pinch your nipples, pull them, twist them”
I do.  I feel the instant pulse travel down from them to my cunt.
“Enough, take off your panties”
I do.
“Open your legs, slide your fingers into your pussy, get them nice and wet and suck them clean”
I do, the sweet salty taste of my juice making me wetter still.
“Good girl. Crawl to me”
I drop to hands and knees and crawl slowly across the floor, my spine sways with every movement, weaving me deeper into my submission.  As I approach you slide your belt from your trousers, the smooth leather singing against the fabric.  Button pops open and zip rips down, your cock springing free, I can’t help but lick my lips at the sight of it, hard, proud, needy of pleasing.
“That’s my sweet slut, you want my cock don’t you?”
“Yes sir”
“Crawl to me slut and suck me, show me how much you want to please me”
I arrive between your legs and take your cock in my mouth. I can feel it twitching with every curl of my tongue.  Your hands twist in my hair, pulling it tight and pushing my head down in the same movement.  I am gagging on your cock but loving it as it pushes deep into my cheeks.  I suck, circle my tongue around your shaft, around your tip and push
it into the eye on the head, teasing and tasting your precum out of you.
I hear you pick up the hotel phone and order champagne from room service.  Your fist twists in my hair;
“Whatever happens do not stop”
I lap and suck at you, licking up and down your shaft, your balls, sucking them into my mouth, delighting in the musk of you.  A knock on the door and you call them in, your hand increases its pressure on my head, I can’t see but I can hear.  A surprised gasp, a faltering step, your command to bring the ice bucket and bottle to the table beside you.  The polite exchange of thanks and, no doubt, gratuities, the closing of the door.
“Good girl, you will get a glass of champagne as a reward”
And then you are pushing me down again, filling my mouth with your cock, holding my head in your lap as you push up into me.  The pull on my hair lifts my head and suddenly I’m in your complete control, the pushing and pulling of my head, the hollow suck of my mouth over your cock. I feel you growing harder, fuller in my mouth.  Your breathing and
your body telling me your are close to coming.  And suddenly there it is, the hot pooling of your come on the back of
my tongue, your hips thrusting every last drop into me.  Your voice naming me as your slut and your good girl.
Your grip relaxes and I suck hard as I pull away, scoop the dribble of cum from my chin and look you in the eye as I swallow your seed down.
“Good girl”

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4 Responses to “Hotel :: part 2”

  1. Debbliss November 6, 2010 at 11:51 pm #

    Whoa… pretty intense! I don’t like it as much as Normal but it’s very good too. I’m gonna keep an eye on it for next updates.

    • Ruby November 7, 2010 at 7:33 pm #

      Hi Deb
      Well glad you enjoyed it, I think there is going to be less “story” and more sex in this one ;)

  2. ArousedWoman November 23, 2010 at 12:20 pm #

    Wow….i’m in the early days of subordination, hope its as explosive as this.



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