Have you ever killed a man? #worddiscipline

This piece was written during Aisling Weaver’s Word Discipline session on micro fiction at Eroticon USA, after challenging us to write a story in a tweet, 140 characters, including identifying hashtags, we then had five minutes to write a short story.  It was one of the sessions where I got to be participant not organiser and it felt so good to exercise my writing muscles.

First is my tweet story:

You left me because you were lonely but scared by the world you came back & locked us into a stale grey future. I hate you.

My five minute fiction:

“What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? Killed a man?”

“No, yes, no!”

“What’s worse than killing a man?”

I looked at Janine and didn’t know if I could trust her.  I could feel her gaze on me as I drove and I knew she expected the truth from me.

“Yes, I’ve killed a man; I’m a soldier it’s what happens and its awful.  It never gets better and there’s no point talking about it.”

I hoped this would shut her down, but she just nodded and waited.  She waited all through the rush hour traffic, waited through red lights and roundabouts.  Through school pick-ups and supper time.

We filled the silence with small talk, family life and at night with tender kisses, clasped hands and fucking delight, but still the question;

“What’s worse than killing a  man?”

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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