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I used to play with words on Twitter a lot more than I do now.  Tonight something lovely happened, someone else asked for a writing prompt so I suggested “draw” and then feeling a little playful I tweeted out the following words and then some more folk joined in and a lot of words got written, here are mine.


“Close your eyes” he said,

I did and felt the softness of a brush flutter coloured dust over them. I pouted my lips, ready for the stick of red grease, I waited, eyes still closed, alert to his movements.  His lips found my ear, hot wet breath making me wriggle.

“Sit still”

I did, he lifted my chin with his finger and I listened to the zip rasp and fabric rustling fall of his pants to the floor.  Instead of the cool of lipstick I felt the hot press of smooth cock on my lips, opening my mouth I let him into me. Sucking the seed from him until I could feel the tensing, shuddering, rushing due me, I pulled away then and his cum painted my face. I licked my lips;

“I told you I’d let you draw me”

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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