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Posted by on Sep 9, 2011 in 100 words | 2 comments

Double choc chip


Andy’s hand closed on the last double choc chip cookie a moment before Elaines did. He licked his lips theatrically, teasing her.

“I’ll trade you, my mouth for your cookie.”

In a moment Andy had his trousers round his ankles and his girlfriend on her knees, the wet lick of her tongue up and down his cock, hot suction surrounding him.

Hand fisted in Elaine’s hair pushing her face onto him, filling her mouth faster and harder until he felt his sticky salt cum splash on her tongue.

Elaine licked her lips and took her prize.

“Nice trade”


Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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  1. God Ruby, that’s so sexy! I’ve just had a shower, now l need another one!

    • Hehe, glad you like it.
      I was challenged by the gentleman sat next to me on my flight to write something in 100 words with the title double chocolate chip.
      We did do a trade, but only my cookies for his grapes from our lunches – nothing ruder 😉


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