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  1. Unexpected tan lines are often a good thing!

  2. Good morning Osbasso,
    Yes they are, though a little itchy on the middle of the back where I couldn't reach the suncream too. Must ask for help next time.

  3. Gorgeous – quite a few lovely tan lines this week. Like yours best though I think. :)

  4. I love tan lines — teeny tiny tan lines.
    Now, turn around please!

  5. Tan lines are yummy….. Love them. Beautiful pic.


  6. Oh dear me, I think I have forgotten what the sun looks like, let alone what it feels like. Oh to have tan lines….


    • Hi Molly, I know it is all grey skies and rain here at the moment, but I think we’ve turned the corner into Spring and hope for some more sunshine soon.


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