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Loving Joy Soft Bondage Waist to Wrist Restraints : A sex toy review

Time for a long overdue review for Sex Toys UK, though I’ve a good excuse for the delay as I needed to find a willing partner to help me with this one. The Product: Loving Joy Soft Bondage Waist to Wrist Restraints What they say: These waist to wrist restraints from Loving Joy are great [...]

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Loving Joy Bendeeze Candy Twist Vibrator :: A sex toy review

It is time for another sex toy review for Sex Toys UK and you’ll all be pleased to know I didn’t take the glue gun and googly eyes to this one! The Product: Loving Joy Bendeeze Candy Twist Vibrator What they say: The Candy Twist is a super soft and sumptuous bendable vibe with 7 [...]

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How to make money with sex toys

You will have noticed that I’ve started reviewing sex toys for Sex Toys UK and that the blog carries a banner for them too, as much fun receiving free sex toys to review is, I am also earning some pin money by using the companies affiliate programme. What is an affiliate programme I  hear you cry? [...]

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Free sex toys :: Sex Toys UK product reviewers

Dear readers, As some of you will have noticed I’ve started to write product reviews for Sex Toys UK, as the saying goes, it’s a hard job but someone has to do it.  Actually it is, as I hope you can imagine, a lot of fun.  I get free sex toys to play with and [...]

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Fetish Fantasy Pink Heart Paddle :: A sex toy review

Another day another sex toy review. When Cara at Sex Toys UK asked me what I might like to review I told her that I liked being spanked and look what dropped through the post a few days later, it is pink, it is heart shaped and it is designed to give a good spanking. [...]

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Mini City Vibe :: A sex toy review

The lovely Cara at Sex Toys UK recently sent me some toys to review, I am now considering putting “Sex Toy Reviewer” as my profession on my passport, that should raise an eyebrow or two at passport control. This is my first review, I’ll try and be honest but I might blush, used as I [...]

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My new best friends :: Sex Toys UK

As some of you may have noticed my tweets have started to include mention of blogging conference Cybermummy and sex toy sellers Sex Toys UK. The two aren’t unrelated as Sex Toys UK are sponsoring my attendance at Cybermummy this year.  This means you will be seeing regular posts about Sex Toys UK, their products [...]

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