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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Erotic writing | 8 comments


I fell asleep imagining your tongue on my ankle.  I can’t remember if you’ve ever kissed me there, but as I drifted I felt the soft tickle of the point of your tongue.

A soft swirl of cooling warming breath around the nub of bone followed by a kiss.  Then the journey up my leg, along the gentle curve of  my calf’s landscape to the tickle tender fold of my knee.  In the darkness I can feel the heaviness of your shadow, the density of your missing body.  The way you would press open my knees with yours and lean forward to kiss my neck  before continuing your journey not with tongue but with hands, stronger firmer a more determined exploration, the adventurer claiming new lands.

In the darkness as I fell to sleep I wondered how I could conjur you up from nothing but memory, what wraith of lust had cast its curse on me that my body should keen for you.  Why should my body betray me to the night air, exposing my need and desire, the wetness of woman’s sex as ready as if you had been pushing your fingers and cock into me.

The days we fucked and evenings that we talked are held to account against me, desire has had its dirty trick with me and now in the morning I know its sold me to a life of loss.

I miss you to no end and no cure.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Erotic writing | 9 comments

Pressed Flesh :: extract

Last week I wrote about my challenge to myself to write more vanilla sex into my stories – and by vanilla I mean sex with no paraphernalia or kink, the sex of two people expressing their desire for each other without agenda.  Sounds rather nice doesn’t it?

Today I’ve finished a scene which I hope hits the spot.  It is from one of my current works in progress, working title “Pressed Flesh”, in this scene Harry and Karen, a married middle aged couple are re-awakening their sex life.  Do leave a comment and tell me what you think, thank you.



Married for 18 years it felt as awkward as a first date but without the driving hormonal imperative of lust. Re-awakening lust was perhaps a more difficult proposition. Harry helped Karen undress, tenderly undoing zips and buttons, placing small kisses on her as he revealed her flesh, tracing his fingers over the contours and lines of her body. She still had a nice figure, but age and pregnancy had filled it out, softened her curves and added more. Harry couldn’t remember the last time he had paid so much attention to Karen’s body, the eroticism of slowly peeling off her clothes and revealing the lushness of her form made him want to linger over the ritual. Eventually Karen was naked and shyness overcame them both;

“Kiss me”

Harry stepped forward to her and tilting her chin up placed his lips over hers. Softly, he kissed her. As the kiss grew, so did their confidence, eyes closed the sensations of the kiss was timeless and they were ageless; they were young lovers again, bride and groom, new parents, old parents. Still kissing, Karen started to undo Harry’s shirt and tie, as his hands explored and re-discovered her nakedness. She could feel his cock hard against her, her husband’s evident desire for her increased her own for him and she struggled impatiently with his clothes. Eventually, beaten by the trouser over shoe combination, the couple broke free of each other, Karen slid under the duvet and waited for Harry to join her.

“Socks darling.”

Harry blushed and apologising removed the offending articles. Tucking himself under the duvet next to his wife he felt newly nervous. He pulled her to him and restarted their kiss, closing his eyes and surrendering to the warmth of her response. His hands mapped again her body and he remembered how well they had always fitted together.

He hooked Karen’s leg over his and slid his hand down to her cunt. Burrowing through her pubic hair he found her lips plumped and wet for him. He groaned at the erotic memories that overwhelmed him and slowly kissed his way down his wife’s body. Karen’s breasts spilled across her body, full and heavy and as sensitive as ever, she pushed her husband onto them, keen to have his mouth hot and biting over her nipples. Harry mumbled words of desire into Karen’s flesh as he devoured it with grabbing hands and hungry mouth. He looked up at her, lying on her back, eyes half shut in bliss at this attentions, and knew he couldn’t wait much longer. He needed to be inside her, to kiss her as he fucked her, to show how much he desired her and how much she delighted him.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh yes Harry, this is wonderful but I want you inside me.”

Harry shuffled back up the bed to face his wife. Hooking her leg over his he pressed forward, pulling her toward him as he pushed up into the slippery stickiness of her cunt.   He watched her face as he entered her, her eyes fluttering and her smile widening in delight.

Her eyes opened and he saw them shining with tears. He rocked tenderly, deeply into her. Emotions that he couldn’t form words for coursed through him and he could only hold back so long, soon too soon he worried, he had to thrust into his wife. Karen lifted her hips to him, encouraging him with her body and voice, urging him on with little growls and yelps of delight. And when he couldn’t hold his body back from her any longer he let go, allowing the spiral of energy to snake through him and into her. Panting her name as he pushed into her, his seed pulsing in thick beats out of him. He watched her as he came and knew it was too soon for her, but moments later she was pulling him deeper into her, grinding her hips up to him and he felt the hot convulsions of her orgasm around him, his cock jumped at the tightness as if Karen’s muscle milked him again.

Karen opened her eyes and smiled up at her husband.


“Wow yourself”

Harry rolled away, reluctantly pulling his cock from inside Karen.

“Sorry it was a bit quick”

“Oh no darling, it was lovely, and anyway we’re just a bit out of practice.”



Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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Posted by on Mar 14, 2012 in Erotic writing | 7 comments

In Vitro : Pregnancy

I love the way Emma looks right now, her body swollen and with the developing life inside.  I only wish that it could have been my seed that made her this way, instead I take every opportunity to fill her with my come, as if by some magic I can nourish the growth inside her.

The way I want her now feels different too, the dynamic has shifted, even when she’s lying on her back looking up at me as I press my cock into her she glows with new life.  Her hair spread out around her head could be a halo of fecundity.  She looks proud of herself, proud of her body, its the first time I’ve seen her like this and it makes me want to fuck her on an almost hourly basis.

Her belly, is a mountain compared to her slim pre-pregnant frame, it suits her though. I want to kiss it and fondle it, trace my fingers around its dome and let them fall away where she can no longer see, following the dark line that bisects the bottom half of it and leads me down to the glossy curls shading her cunt.

As my fingers tickle through the hair, finding the bald velvet skin above her clit, pressing back on its hood and down to the wet folds of her labia my tongue follows, kissing and licking down the baby globe to taste the new pregnant taste of her.

She’s so big now we only have a few positions we can use, she’s heavy and slow in her movements, replete and swaying as if to some slow Caribbean tune that only she can hear.

Today she is on her back, bottom to the edge of the bed.  I’m kneeling, face buried in her cunt and pushing her thighs back and wide with my hands.  Even her squirming is slower now, rocking and rolling over my tongue and fingers wetness coating my cheeks and my nose, I’m filled and covered with her juicy sweetness.  She’ll come soon, the noises she makes haven’t changed, grunting and mewling, sighing and whispering my name and how good it feels to have me lick and bite her.

As I stand to fuck her I smear her come over her belly, as if anointing it with the smear of her lust will somehow make-up for its lab borne inception.  Maybe this is why I fuck her with such urgency, to paint her insides with my come as if by filling her full of my seed some rogue swimmer will find a way through the tight ring of her cervix and magic a hint of me into the babe within.

I enter Emma slowly and feel my cock expand within her, she takes me in, tight, hot and welcoming, lying in her orgasm and smiling, one hand reaching for me and one on her belly. One, two, three long slow thrusts in and out of her are all I can wait for, I’m fucking her harder now, urgent and fierce.  She takes it, takes me, closing her eyes and puffing out small sighs of air with each of my strokes into her.  My legs feel weak now, I’m leaning forward over her, pushing her legs wider and more open, there’s so much Emma now, belly and baby and cunt all mixed up in my mind, I can feel the throbbing arrival of my orgasm as I close my eyes the last thing I see is her smile and hear her sighing “yes” the s soft and drawn out just as I yell my own affirmation into her, pushing deeper and deeper as the my essence pulses into her.  My love; this woman that gives me the use of her body to create a future for us, amazing Emma with her baby belly that I coat with sweat and come and tears.

Every time I fuck her is to impregnate her again.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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Posted by on Mar 11, 2012 in Erotic writing | 4 comments

In Vitro

In Vitro

How long should we expect her to live?

It wasn’t the question you ever want to ask of a child, but she wasn’t a child yet, she was still a bundle of cells. How could I be so sure she was a she, call it women’s intuition.  Andy looked up from the microscope, his face tired, a frown prematurely marked on his face from squinting and concentrating at invisible life forms.

That’s an impossible question. There’s no doubt that there is an accelerated growth rate, we need to get her implanted as soon as possible.



What if?

My question trailed off, we’d been here before, there were no answers and no guarantees, we just had to go for it.  Andy shut his eyes and held out his arms to me, lab coats aren’t the most comforting of clothes but they absorb tears as well as any other.

Ready darling?


I nodded and sniffed into his chest.

Can we?

Yes of course, if it makes you feel better.

He took my hand and led me to his office and the camp-bed that was laid out there for when he worked too late to come home to me.  He didn’t undress me, that would come later, instead we stood and kissed, his hands holding my face still as his lips collected my tears. As I clung onto his neck and kissed him back, my worry made me bite and hiccough at his mouth his hands dropped down and under my skirt. Dragging his nails up the backs of my thighs and pushing down my knickers, cupping between my legs and rubbing at me. Not exactly romantic but Andy knows me, knows what I need when; the roughness that can only come from years of intimacy, the tender urgency of the fuck that opens the space for heartache and disappointment to flow out.

This is how we fucked that Sunday afternoon. Held together by our common pain and hope, but our hearts separate, taking from each other selfishly; I came with my eyes closed rocking onto his cock, my hands pinning him down by his shoulders. He came fiercly, pushing his pelvis up, lifting me with him, grunting into my neck as he held my body against him his fist folded into my hair. There were no condoms, no worry about pregnancy, we’d long since finished expecting or hoping. Nature had let us down years ago, so as we shuddered on that camp bed, in a lab that smelt a little as all labs do. We knew we were barren, but our hopes were still pinned to my ability to host and nurture the cells that were waiting for us in the petri-dish.


Photo credit : Dee_gee via flickr

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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Posted by on Feb 11, 2012 in Erotic writing | 0 comments


I used to play with words on Twitter a lot more than I do now.  Tonight something lovely happened, someone else asked for a writing prompt so I suggested “draw” and then feeling a little playful I tweeted out the following words and then some more folk joined in and a lot of words got written, here are mine.


“Close your eyes” he said,

I did and felt the softness of a brush flutter coloured dust over them. I pouted my lips, ready for the stick of red grease, I waited, eyes still closed, alert to his movements.  His lips found my ear, hot wet breath making me wriggle.

“Sit still”

I did, he lifted my chin with his finger and I listened to the zip rasp and fabric rustling fall of his pants to the floor.  Instead of the cool of lipstick I felt the hot press of smooth cock on my lips, opening my mouth I let him into me. Sucking the seed from him until I could feel the tensing, shuddering, rushing due me, I pulled away then and his cum painted my face. I licked my lips;

“I told you I’d let you draw me”

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Posted by on Feb 1, 2012 in Erotic writing | 8 comments

Echo : Wank Wedensday

Before I’d heard your voice once I’d heard it a hundred times.

Fractured into countless fragments of sound that vibrate through your movements and pass into the space between us in invisible waves.  I hear your movements before you make them because I see your voice in all you do.

I know  your intent because you breathed it into me.  I comprehend your lust before it is born.  My skin knows the countless ways you’ll breach it before you’ve thought of them.  The slickness of my want is puddled before your fingers have rained their touch on me.

All this I know before you’ve opened your eyes and looked at me, before you’ve framed thought of word.  I am your everything prior to your knowledge of need or want, my body an encyclopedic response to desires you’ve not yet dreamed of.

I am what you will want.

I am more than an echo, I am the vacuum that will empty you of your sound, thought and lust.



This was my entry to Wank Wednesday over on the Word Ejaculation blog, you can read all the other entries here.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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