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An open letter to authors: please respect your writing and your readers

Last night I downloaded a free ebook from Amazon. It was from a writer whose blog I occassionally read and whose stories and writing style I like.  It was a short story, I downloaded it because I wanted to get a taste for what the writer was publishing before I bought more of the books. [...]

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Exploring vanilla, a challenge

In recent months I’ve often wondered why there seems to be so much kink in erotica.  Why do so many writers choose to write about characters that are immersed in the world of BDSM or fetish?  The only reason I can come up with is that BDSM, kinky sex, adventurous sex, call it what you [...]

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Reading erotica, am I expecting too much?

I’ve been given a Kindle and this last week I’ve transfered my library of unread ebooks from my laptop to the Kindle, which has spurred me into catching up with my outstanding erotic reading list and it seems I’m expecting too much from my erotica. What I want from a story, any story, is this: [...]

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Let’s talk about sex

Yes I shamelessly ripped off the great Salt ‘n’ Pepper to give me a catchy title. As regular readers will have noticed, I don’t so much talk about sex as write about sex, which isn’t the same thing at all. Writing about sex is easy, words on a page. Wet, hard, breathless, pulsing, sighing, writhing; [...]

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