Twitter keys and inspiration

Last week my words were featured on the blog The Twitter Key Project.  The project is the brainchild of Josie, who tweets as @porridgebrain and who blogs at Sleep is for the Weak, the idea is simple; you provide a story in 140 characters and Josie matches it to a key and produces a photograph to publish with your story.

I love this project, there is so much as it showcases not just Josie’s wonderful brand of creativity but also encourages others to create and participate.

My contribution came out a little differently than I imagined, I’m not sure it even conveys the story I have in my head for the key, about a key burning under the skin of a lonely girl, something I have such a clear image for that I know it needs to be written.  I expect this is a fundamental truth about writing, that words don’t always go in the direction we would like and that inspiration can take us down different paths than we anticipate.

Do go over and read all the entries on  The Twitter Key Project and linger a while in the curious world of other peoples’ imaginations.


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