Sad news: Republica Press to close

Last Monday morning I had the sad confirmation of news I’d already heard elsewhere, my publishers, Republica Press, are closing at the end of March.  The news made Eroticon bitter sweet, especially when, during the Publishers’ Panel I had to precis the “paypal issue” which, as I understand things, was the final decider for Republica to close up shop.

I was recommended to Republica by Monocle and was amazed that they would want to publish the mixed bag of scenes and short stories from my blog into an anthology.  While I’ve not been their most profilic or profitable writer the very fact I knew I could send them my work without having to change the essence of my writing to “fit” was wonderful and liberating and I was always humbled to housed with such talented writers as Monocle, Remittance Girl and T. R. Verten, writers whose work I admire and whose words move me.

My two books with Republica will be available until the end of March, after that Anthology One will be no more, though some of the stories in it may well go on to live in different anthologies that I have in mind and Normal will continue to be on sale somehow and somewhere.

I’ll close by saying “Thank you” to Emma and Aarron, for giving my writing a home and for giving a writer confidence.  Thank you.



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