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Posted by on Jun 11, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Copyright infringement is never cool especially when it’s my arse you’re infringing

Copyright infringement is never cool especially when it’s my arse you’re infringing

I had hoped to get back to blogging with something more jolly, or at least more filthy, than this blog post, but instead I’m talking about copyright infringement of my arse.

I was checking out tumblr today and spotted an image that was very familiar. Familiar because it was an image of me, well, my arse.

It was the image I created for the original publication of my ebook Normal, when it was republished with Burning Book Press we went back to the original image and created a new cover. But that image, my image, of me, is something I’m proud of.  I was taken aback to see it doctored to be an inspirational type quote image and even more taken aback that the person who had done it had added their name and URL to the image and then syndicated it across tumblr and Pinterest as well as hosting it on their blog.

With a little digging I found the post on the blog and downloaded it – you know what – that image was taken directly from my website – I know this because the image uploads have exactly the same name and the image was created in 2013 – after the book cover had been switched to the new version with the new publisher. So the image is under copyright and IP protection.

See for yourself…

Ruby Kiddell Normal bdsm image

If you see the “BDSM is my Normal” image, please don’t reshare it, please delete it or report it.

Please do share and reblog this post. I work hard on my writing and my images and to support the sex blogging and erotica writing community. Stealing content is not cool!

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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