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How to make money with sex toys

You will have noticed that I’ve started reviewing sex toys for Sex Toys UK and that the blog carries a banner for them too, as much fun receiving free sex toys to review is, I am also earning some pin money by using the companies affiliate programme.

What is an affiliate programme I  hear you cry? (okay I don’t but I’ve a good imagination)

An affiliate programme is a system by which you refer people to a website and you get a percentage of any sales income generated from your referral.  In this instance I talk about Sex Toys UK and carry their banner on my blog and anyone that clicks through to their site from mine and buys something earns me a commission.

Sounds good, but what does Sex Toys UK get out of it?

As well as the sales, affiliate promotions work out as a cost effective way of generating advertising and awareness of the company.

Sounds good, how do I sign up?

Easy, go along to Paid on Results and register with them.  Once registered you can search their directory of merchants to find Sex Toys UK and apply to join their scheme.  There are other sex toy companies represented and lots of other types of companies too.

Once approved add banners to your site using the codes provided, you don’t need to know anything more techy than how to cut and paste and add text into widget in your site.

Okay I’m in, tell me about the money, you’re rich on this right?

Well no, I’m not.  Since I added the banners to my site in March I’ve earned a grand total of £16.93  I’m not about to retire on this but as the adverts like to tell us, every little helps.

One of the great things I’ve found is that you don’t just have to add banners to your site, using the affiliate dashboard you can generate text links that link to a specific product on the Sex Toys UK  site, this is most effective when combined with product reviews.  You don’t have to be confined to promoting links on your blog either, you can use text links on twitter and other social platforms when talking about products.

Okay so what are your top tips?

  • Match your company to your site, easy in my case, I write erotica so I’m promoting sex toys.
  • If you are doing product reviews sign up to the company scheme you are doing reviews for.
  • Text links work well, but your content has to make sense, no use just dropping in affiliate links willy-nilly they have to be in context of what you are writing about (see above point about reviews)
  • Use other social networks to promote your links too.
  • Be patient, you won’t get rich overnight but letting the affiliate income grow over the year will give you a little bit of spending money to treat yourself with.

If I’ve tempted you then just click the link to find out more about becoming a Sex Toys UK affiliate.

Have fun!


Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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2 Responses to How to make money with sex toys

  1. Eliana Tomison July 14, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

    One reason why you may not be making as much money as you could from your affiliate links is that they’re ‘below the fold.’ That’s a beautiful vertical banner for sextoys.co.uk but it’s hidden. It can become difficult deciding what’s really important to you on your site and how to order different elements. One thing you might consider is moving the graphics about your books to your About Ruby page.

    • Ruby July 14, 2011 at 9:12 pm #

      Hi Eliana,

      This was something I struggled with. In the end I decided that my own books were more important than the banner and not just financially.
      I’ve been thinking about having a page just for the books and will likely do so when the next one is published.
      That’s the nice thing about managing your own site, it is easy to experiment with different ideas.
      Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.


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