Eroticon USA : afterword

Ruby Kiddell opens Eroticon USA

Thank you to Molly for taking this photo of me opening Eroticon USA, she seems to have captured a somewhat dreamy quality in my eyes or maybe that’s shell shock?  It wasn’t stage fright because I couldn’t have been tottering around on stage trying to be engaging and motivational in a very British way to a nicer bunch of people.

After two years of Eroticon in the UK taking the conference to America was a huge risk for me and not one I was always sure would pay off in terms of professional credibility – would the American bloggers and writers “get it”?  So while I worried about many things in the run up to the day I stayed true to what I believe makes Eroticon unique and powerful – lining up fantastic speakers who are generous in sharing their expertise and insight.

Thank you to everyone that trusted me enough to hand over their hard earned cash for a ticket,  your trust and belief in the conference, in me, made the conference happen and the enthusiasm and open hearts you brought on the day made it memorable.

As ever my own experience of the conference was somewhat different from everyone elses, the moments that I can switch from organiser to participant are rare and many of my notes filled the page headed “For the future”

One thing that Eroticon USA did for me was bring into focus where the conferences are in terms of their business development and my professional development.  America is unashamedly go-getting and capitalist, which is something of an interesting contrast for a socialist accidental capitalist from England,  but it was refreshing to listen to Jincey Lumpkin break down marketing plans and business development in her #sellingsexy plenary.  Although many people might not feel that their blog or writing is a business, or be interested in making money from them, if you’re wanting to find an audience to read your work then the concerns are the same – creating your work, identifying your audience, finding where they hang out and making sure they know about your work; product, marketing and distribution.

Talking to Lori Perkins during brunch on Sunday inspired me to be bolder in my networking, it seems I need to get in touch with my inner brash New Yorker to exploit the little black books and Rollodexes of my existing network or contacts.  Sex blogging and erotica writing is a supportive community, if you share your ideas then you’ll find many ears willing to listen and many arms willing to hold you up.  I’m proud that Eroticon is a space that facilitates such co-operation and humbled that I continue to be on the receiving end of such love and  support.

Thank you all for continuing to help me and the conference grow.

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Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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  1. Marie Rebelle October 26, 2013 at 11:14 pm #

    Thank YOU for Eroticon!

    Rebel xox

    • Ruby October 26, 2013 at 11:52 pm #

      I’m looking forward to seeing you in March Marie.


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