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Posted by on Mar 21, 2014 in Blog | 2 comments

Eroticon 2014: girl snogs, bottoms and VIPs

It has been nearly two weeks since Eroticon 2014, so how was it for me?

Well it was pretty fucking awesome and as ever that is probably for different reasons than for anyone else.

What is true for me as it is for many others is that it is always, always a much needed event to meet up with friends we see all too seldom in person as well as making new friends and opening up new possibilities both personally and professionally.

As with every year I am personally humbled that so many amazing writers, artists and creators agreed to come and share their experiences and knowledge so generously to inspire their peers.

And yes, I’m humbled that people continue to hand over their hard earned cash for tickets to my lil smut conference but at the same time I work damned hard to make sure they get an amazing experience that just doesn’t happen anywhere else.

This year was fantastic in that over half the attendees were new to the event, which demonstrates that, although there were some friends we were missing, the conference continues to be relevant, needed and appeal to a broadening audience.

Being back in Bristol was fabulous too, as much as I love London and I loved the venue in London as a space, it wasn’t the right home for the conference and the warm, easy welcome we got at Armada House confirmed that there is something special about that space for the event.  There were some IT issues, but nothing that can’t be overcome with some extra planning next time.

It was good to be in Bristol again for the finances too, I took a hoofing loss on the London event despite ticket sales and sponsorship being up, the venue fees pretty much crippled me and so to have the event back in the black if not the company balance sheets, well that was a good feeling too.  If Eroticon 2014 hadn’t at least broken even I would have had to stop running the conferences and I really really really don’t want to do that.  I know lots of people will think it odd to share such details, but I feel it is time to be honest about why I make the decisions I make with relation to the conference.  The community of writers and sex bloggers that attend really do invest themselves into the event and take ownership of it so if we are to move forward it is time to be honest about where we are at.

For me the overall feeling of Eroticon 2014 was of a confident and focused event; a grown up event.  The last two UK events have been about finding the way, the US event benefited from a consolidated vision from the previous two and this was carried through to Bristol 2014.

I also loved our sponsors this year, who really joined in with the event and helped make it fun and informative.  What’s not to love about a company that brings along an antique vibrator?  It has also been fabulous seeing the way in which connections made at the event have translated into raised awareness and dare I say, sales, for sponsors.  So a heartfelt thank you to Doxy, Give Lube, Belle De Soir, Lelo, Constable Robinson, House of Erotica and Velvet Books.

Which brings me onto you guys, YOU GUYS! Eroticon doesn’t exist without all the attendees of the previous conferences as well as the reprobates and perverts that turned up this year.  THANK YOU!   In particular I couldn’t have done it without the generous and loyal friendship and support of some VIPs (Very Important Perverts)

A huge huge thank you to Molly, Michael, Ruby, Violet and Harper for being part of team ARGH WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF, TELL ME IT IS ALL GOING TO BE OKAY!

And thank you to everyone that attended and who I got to share so much time with and yet not enough time with.

I’m sorry this hasn’t done justice to the amazing speakers, sessions and sponsors, the fun and frolics that were had, the girl snogs, oh yes there were girl snogs (twice, well technically three times) and the fact that Pandora Blake complimented me on my bottom (and she should know!).

My Eroticon 2014 was wonderful and fun and not as stressful as other years and filled with so many hugs and smiles.  Thank you to everyone that helped make it what it was.


Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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  1. There were girl snogs???? Did I miss this session? *pouts… oh and the answer to your question ‘arrrgghhh why am I doing this?’ is…because your are amazing/insane 😉


    • I guess I just got lucky with the girl snogs! I can’t say more because that would be unbecoming.


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