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Posted by on Feb 26, 2011 in Blog | 2 comments

Ben Wa I see you again? A True story

It took me six months after my husband had left me to think about dating again.  I started with online dating and got emailing with a guy, the guy that as it happens started me on the smut writing.  What can I say, they were steamy emails.

My self confidence bolstered I ordered some sex toys to pamper myself including a set of ben wa balls.

The post arrived on a  Saturday morning and being the impatient kind I immediately set about test driving the ben wa balls.  With chores to do in town I put Imp in her baby carry sling and set off.  Chores have never been quite so much fun.

On the way home I walked past a guy that had been smiling at me all the way down the street;

“That’s nice”

I thought,

“I’ve still got something going on”

Two paces after passing him I remembered we’d been at school together so turned and called his name.

He turned and we stopped for a chat, him married with 4 kids, me seperated with one.  Half way through the chat I then remember we dated for a few weeks some 15 years ago.  The sex was memorable because one of my brother’s sat outside my bedroom door banging on it to get in to throw the guy out.

So there I am, babe in sling, ben wa balls in cunt, flushed face talking to an ex of 15 years ago and I can’t tell if he remembers that we’ve dated  before either.

Flash forward a few weeks and I’m at baby group, sans ben wa balls, and chatting to a friend of mine.  She’s telling me about her husbands new job and I suddenly realise that this is my ex’s wife.  Of course I nearly blurt out;

“Oh yes I bumped into him, I was grinning like an idiot because I had ben wa balls in me.”

Fortunately I manged to bite my tongue, but I’ve not been able to look my ben wa balls in the eye since, it’s just too embarrassing.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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  1. Haha… this is such a great story. I’ve never tried ben wa balls myself, but it sounds like you enjoyed them – you should work on making eye contact with them some time soon.

  2. Just found this and it had me laughing and hot at the same time–it’s a long time since those two things have coexisted:) TY.


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