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Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Blog | 2 comments

Here we go again… Eroticon 2015 meet and greet

T’DA! Tis Eroticon time again and thank goodness Molly finally took the hint and did the meet and greet this year.

NAME (and Twitter name if you have one)

Ruby Kiddell @eroticnotebook but of course @writesexright too

Is this your first time at Eroticon? If No, what is your favourite memory from a previous Eroticon and if Yes, what are you most looking forward to at Eroticon 2015?

I’ve been to every single Eroticon – which is just as well seeing as I’m the organiser.

There are so many favourite moments, but every year it is always the moment I get up onto the stage to welcome everyone to the event; the feeling in the room is a mixture of excitement, nerves and energy. Always an incredibly humbling and overwhelming moment for me.

Which 3 sessions have you already earmarked as definitely going to?

I think the opening panel will be very interesting, discussing as it does the state of erotic publishing at the moment. Other than my own session I’m not quite sure where I’ll be this year. Possibly some of the creative sessions and writing sessions – I’ve felt un-creative with words for far too long.

What drink will you be ordering at the bar on the Saturday night?

After the first glass of fizz, probably a long drink – gin or vodka and tonic. Though if anyone bought me a French 75 I certainly wouldn’t be rude enough to decline.

If you wrote an autobiography what would it be called?

Oh goodness, I have no clue. I’m renaming my personal blog “The Squeeze” (probably) so that’ll have to do for now.

Where are you writing this post and what 5 things can you see around you (not including the device you are writing on)?

I’m writing at my messy desk in the spare room that doubles as my office.

Pandora Blake’s bottom – at least a postcard of it, pictures from my daughter, a year-planner, mobile phone and a cold mug of mint tea.

My desk is a lot messier than that and the office is full of boxes of sex toys and treats for delegates, but those are a pretty good representation of my office.

If you could go out to dinner with any 5 sex bloggers or erotic writers, regardless of whether they are coming to Eroticon or not who would they be?

One blogger I’ve not yet met that I really really want to would  be Guy New York, and we wouldn’t go to dinner we’d drink whiskey in a bar in New York and talk about sex, love and writing.

And because that is only one and I can’t chose five, I organise Eroticon so I can get all of the awesome into one space  once a year.

Go here for the conference schedule and to buy tickets.

Go here to see more intros from other delegates.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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Posted by on Jun 27, 2015 in Blog, Erotic writing | 0 comments


Sometimes a promise starts with the smallest touch.

Does it matter if the promise is ill-defined, no more than a hint of a hope.

The hand in the small of your back as you squeeze past each other in a small space.

Their palm covering your foot as  you tuck your bare feet up on the sofa.

Gentle, tempting invitations to a possibility.

Sometimes the touch of possibility is all it takes.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Posted by on Feb 19, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments


Love is, hard.

Feelings in general are tricky, but the big ones like love, anger, hope and frustration – well what are we supposed to do with them?

The person or event that triggered them may well be gone but the emotion is still there and all you can really do is wait. Wait through the slow half-life of emotional fade studded with the inevitable inconvenient spike of like-yesterday pain.

Maybe putting the emotions in a box or behind a wall will help, but they’re still there and at some point they need to be dealt with, but how? Or maybe just wait. Wait for past love to be nothing but a shadow, wait until you don’t remember and think that perhaps it was a mirage, a possibility that you conjured from hope sprinkled with glittering, impossible promises.

So dig out the soundtrack and wallow, test the place where you used to be able to push your fingers through the tear in your heart. How has it healed? Is it still bruised? Is there a scar? Or, perhaps it has mended?

And the question I’m left with is;

“Is this it? Is this what love was supposed to be?”

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Posted by on Jun 12, 2014 in News | 3 comments

Stealing – still not sexy! More on copyright infringement

Following on from last night’s post about the illegal use of my images I thought I’d share with you the email exchange that I had with the culprit.

What pisses me off here is the sheer brass balls of the denial along with the rudeness of it.  I couldn’t give a toss if she’s heard of me or not, there are a lot of people writing erotica and sex, what annoys me is the lie that she created the overall image from stock photography and that she’d put the black borders on it. If you have a look at the infographic I posted yesterday it is easy enough to see that she just cropped out my name on the top of the image and squeezed in her copy below it – and she couldn’t even be bothered to match the font (Josefin Slab if you’re wondering)

So here you go, the denial and my, response.

Response to my request via comments that she take down the image>

I think you are referring to the picture that says BDSM IS My Normal. I actually found the picture of the woman with her hands tied behind her back on a royalty free site using msn search. I put the picture together with the wording on a black background. Now, as far as copyrights. I checked Google image search, along with a few other search engines and found no references to there being any violations. The cover on your book is the same picture of the woman’s body, but that is all. I have never actually even heard of you, nor read your books. 

There are no violations as the picture has been altered tremendously and that constitutes a new work of art, as stated in the universal copyright code laws. 
But, if you can prove the image is yours, that you indeed made it, I shall remove it from my blog post. 
Hmm can I prove that an image I took of myself is infact mine, you bet my sweet arse I can!
From me to she…
Here is the original image on my website from 2011.
 If you did find the image on a royalty free site it would have been the  book cover with my name on it, as I’ve never released the original image, only the book cover.  You didn’t add the black background, you cropped my image and added additional copy to it along with your  name and URL.  You didn’t even bother to change the file name before you loaded it to your site.
 And so you know, a royalty free image isn’t the same as a copyright free image. The first means you don’t have to pay for it but it will still be the intellectual property of the creator the second means you can use it without credit.
Please remove my image from your website, please also remove it from your Pinterest board.

For anyone that is confused as this lady is about what does and doesn’t constitute copyright and intellectual property violations it is pretty straightforward.

The creator of a piece of intellectual property such as a written work, an image or similar holds the copyright on it from the moment it is created. Before computers writers were told to post a copy of their manuscript to themselves and keep it unopened to prove that they’d written it (the idea being the post mark and date would show a time stamp).

As soon as you create something, you hold the copyright. If you put it on line, you hold the copyright. You hold the copyright until you decide to give it away or sell it.

Yes, yes I do realise that putting our content on line does make it easy for people to use it without our consent, yes I do realise that lots of people don’t know they are doing something wrong because they either don’t know about copyright or they misunderstand it.  But the fact remains, what I put up in this space belongs to me until such time I grant anyone else the permission to use it.

If you want to use my work, be nice and ask. I might say no, I might say yes, but if you steal it I will will act to protect myself and my intellectual property.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Posted by on Jun 11, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Copyright infringement is never cool especially when it’s my arse you’re infringing

Copyright infringement is never cool especially when it’s my arse you’re infringing

I had hoped to get back to blogging with something more jolly, or at least more filthy, than this blog post, but instead I’m talking about copyright infringement of my arse.

I was checking out tumblr today and spotted an image that was very familiar. Familiar because it was an image of me, well, my arse.

It was the image I created for the original publication of my ebook Normal, when it was republished with Burning Book Press we went back to the original image and created a new cover. But that image, my image, of me, is something I’m proud of.  I was taken aback to see it doctored to be an inspirational type quote image and even more taken aback that the person who had done it had added their name and URL to the image and then syndicated it across tumblr and Pinterest as well as hosting it on their blog.

With a little digging I found the post on the blog and downloaded it – you know what – that image was taken directly from my website – I know this because the image uploads have exactly the same name and the image was created in 2013 – after the book cover had been switched to the new version with the new publisher. So the image is under copyright and IP protection.

See for yourself…

Ruby Kiddell Normal bdsm image

If you see the “BDSM is my Normal” image, please don’t reshare it, please delete it or report it.

Please do share and reblog this post. I work hard on my writing and my images and to support the sex blogging and erotica writing community. Stealing content is not cool!

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Posted by on Mar 21, 2014 in Blog | 2 comments

Eroticon 2014: girl snogs, bottoms and VIPs

It has been nearly two weeks since Eroticon 2014, so how was it for me?

Well it was pretty fucking awesome and as ever that is probably for different reasons than for anyone else.

What is true for me as it is for many others is that it is always, always a much needed event to meet up with friends we see all too seldom in person as well as making new friends and opening up new possibilities both personally and professionally.

As with every year I am personally humbled that so many amazing writers, artists and creators agreed to come and share their experiences and knowledge so generously to inspire their peers.

And yes, I’m humbled that people continue to hand over their hard earned cash for tickets to my lil smut conference but at the same time I work damned hard to make sure they get an amazing experience that just doesn’t happen anywhere else.

This year was fantastic in that over half the attendees were new to the event, which demonstrates that, although there were some friends we were missing, the conference continues to be relevant, needed and appeal to a broadening audience.

Being back in Bristol was fabulous too, as much as I love London and I loved the venue in London as a space, it wasn’t the right home for the conference and the warm, easy welcome we got at Armada House confirmed that there is something special about that space for the event.  There were some IT issues, but nothing that can’t be overcome with some extra planning next time.

It was good to be in Bristol again for the finances too, I took a hoofing loss on the London event despite ticket sales and sponsorship being up, the venue fees pretty much crippled me and so to have the event back in the black if not the company balance sheets, well that was a good feeling too.  If Eroticon 2014 hadn’t at least broken even I would have had to stop running the conferences and I really really really don’t want to do that.  I know lots of people will think it odd to share such details, but I feel it is time to be honest about why I make the decisions I make with relation to the conference.  The community of writers and sex bloggers that attend really do invest themselves into the event and take ownership of it so if we are to move forward it is time to be honest about where we are at.

For me the overall feeling of Eroticon 2014 was of a confident and focused event; a grown up event.  The last two UK events have been about finding the way, the US event benefited from a consolidated vision from the previous two and this was carried through to Bristol 2014.

I also loved our sponsors this year, who really joined in with the event and helped make it fun and informative.  What’s not to love about a company that brings along an antique vibrator?  It has also been fabulous seeing the way in which connections made at the event have translated into raised awareness and dare I say, sales, for sponsors.  So a heartfelt thank you to Doxy, Give Lube, Belle De Soir, Lelo, Constable Robinson, House of Erotica and Velvet Books.

Which brings me onto you guys, YOU GUYS! Eroticon doesn’t exist without all the attendees of the previous conferences as well as the reprobates and perverts that turned up this year.  THANK YOU!   In particular I couldn’t have done it without the generous and loyal friendship and support of some VIPs (Very Important Perverts)

A huge huge thank you to Molly, Michael, Ruby, Violet and Harper for being part of team ARGH WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF, TELL ME IT IS ALL GOING TO BE OKAY!

And thank you to everyone that attended and who I got to share so much time with and yet not enough time with.

I’m sorry this hasn’t done justice to the amazing speakers, sessions and sponsors, the fun and frolics that were had, the girl snogs, oh yes there were girl snogs (twice, well technically three times) and the fact that Pandora Blake complimented me on my bottom (and she should know!).

My Eroticon 2014 was wonderful and fun and not as stressful as other years and filled with so many hugs and smiles.  Thank you to everyone that helped make it what it was.


Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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