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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Erotic writing | 8 comments


I fell asleep imagining your tongue on my ankle.  I can’t remember if you’ve ever kissed me there, but as I drifted I felt the soft tickle of the point of your tongue.

A soft swirl of cooling warming breath around the nub of bone followed by a kiss.  Then the journey up my leg, along the gentle curve of  my calf’s landscape to the tickle tender fold of my knee.  In the darkness I can feel the heaviness of your shadow, the density of your missing body.  The way you would press open my knees with yours and lean forward to kiss my neck  before continuing your journey not with tongue but with hands, stronger firmer a more determined exploration, the adventurer claiming new lands.

In the darkness as I fell to sleep I wondered how I could conjur you up from nothing but memory, what wraith of lust had cast its curse on me that my body should keen for you.  Why should my body betray me to the night air, exposing my need and desire, the wetness of woman’s sex as ready as if you had been pushing your fingers and cock into me.

The days we fucked and evenings that we talked are held to account against me, desire has had its dirty trick with me and now in the morning I know its sold me to a life of loss.

I miss you to no end and no cure.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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