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Posted by on Apr 28, 2012 in Blog | 13 comments

An open letter to authors: please respect your writing and your readers

Last night I downloaded a free ebook from Amazon.

It was from a writer whose blog I occassionally read and whose stories and writing style I like.  It was a short story, I downloaded it because I wanted to get a taste for what the writer was publishing before I bought more of the books.  The fact it was free did factor into my choice but I knew that for the author every download would count as a “sale” in the eyes of Amazon and would help to push the book up the sales chart and generate more awareness and sales.  So while it was free to me it was still doing a job for the author.

This morning I wrote this email to the author;

Dear Writer,

I’m cross with you.

I loved the story and premise of Your Book, but was pulled out of it by the typos, poor grammar and slack turn of phrase. You’ve done yourself, your story and your readers a disservice.

Even if you don’t use an editor for shorts, pass them through Beta readers, or if you already do pass them through Betas, find some more!

As a reader it really pisses me off that good writers don’t respect me enough to make sure they turn out a well crafted story. As much as anything else poorly crafted writing jars me out of the story and takes my focus away from your characters.

So that’s my 2p.

I am going to review the story on Amazon and Good Reads – I’ll be fair but not mean.
(by the way this is how cross I am that I’m emailing, your writing, let alone your readers, deserves to be treated better)

Kind regards,


I read a lot of erotica, mostly as reviews for different sites or because people have linked up in a writing meme.  Some of that is well conceived and well written, some shows someone that enjoys expressing themselves but is still learning the craft of writing.  Some people don’t care about the craft they just want to get their ideas out.  Some is just plain terrible.

None of this I mind on people’s blogs, after all a blog is a personal space.  There is plenty of my writing that I shudder at now or that I see a typo in after posting it.  I’ve still work to do to improve my writing, none of us are perfect writers and we should all aspire to improve.

But what really really pisses me off are writers and by extension publishers that should know better.

Why put out a book of your own that isn’t written to your best ability?

Why put out a book that has typos and grammatical errors?

And for publishers, this is the big one, why publish books by writers that you know are rubbish?

If you do these things then it makes me think you don’t respect me unless I have a coin in my pocket that I’m going to give you.  Sorry, but no, I’ll take my coin and my recommendations and I’ll spend them on writers that deserve them.


Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Erotic writing | 9 comments

Pressed Flesh :: extract

Last week I wrote about my challenge to myself to write more vanilla sex into my stories – and by vanilla I mean sex with no paraphernalia or kink, the sex of two people expressing their desire for each other without agenda.  Sounds rather nice doesn’t it?

Today I’ve finished a scene which I hope hits the spot.  It is from one of my current works in progress, working title “Pressed Flesh”, in this scene Harry and Karen, a married middle aged couple are re-awakening their sex life.  Do leave a comment and tell me what you think, thank you.



Married for 18 years it felt as awkward as a first date but without the driving hormonal imperative of lust. Re-awakening lust was perhaps a more difficult proposition. Harry helped Karen undress, tenderly undoing zips and buttons, placing small kisses on her as he revealed her flesh, tracing his fingers over the contours and lines of her body. She still had a nice figure, but age and pregnancy had filled it out, softened her curves and added more. Harry couldn’t remember the last time he had paid so much attention to Karen’s body, the eroticism of slowly peeling off her clothes and revealing the lushness of her form made him want to linger over the ritual. Eventually Karen was naked and shyness overcame them both;

“Kiss me”

Harry stepped forward to her and tilting her chin up placed his lips over hers. Softly, he kissed her. As the kiss grew, so did their confidence, eyes closed the sensations of the kiss was timeless and they were ageless; they were young lovers again, bride and groom, new parents, old parents. Still kissing, Karen started to undo Harry’s shirt and tie, as his hands explored and re-discovered her nakedness. She could feel his cock hard against her, her husband’s evident desire for her increased her own for him and she struggled impatiently with his clothes. Eventually, beaten by the trouser over shoe combination, the couple broke free of each other, Karen slid under the duvet and waited for Harry to join her.

“Socks darling.”

Harry blushed and apologising removed the offending articles. Tucking himself under the duvet next to his wife he felt newly nervous. He pulled her to him and restarted their kiss, closing his eyes and surrendering to the warmth of her response. His hands mapped again her body and he remembered how well they had always fitted together.

He hooked Karen’s leg over his and slid his hand down to her cunt. Burrowing through her pubic hair he found her lips plumped and wet for him. He groaned at the erotic memories that overwhelmed him and slowly kissed his way down his wife’s body. Karen’s breasts spilled across her body, full and heavy and as sensitive as ever, she pushed her husband onto them, keen to have his mouth hot and biting over her nipples. Harry mumbled words of desire into Karen’s flesh as he devoured it with grabbing hands and hungry mouth. He looked up at her, lying on her back, eyes half shut in bliss at this attentions, and knew he couldn’t wait much longer. He needed to be inside her, to kiss her as he fucked her, to show how much he desired her and how much she delighted him.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh yes Harry, this is wonderful but I want you inside me.”

Harry shuffled back up the bed to face his wife. Hooking her leg over his he pressed forward, pulling her toward him as he pushed up into the slippery stickiness of her cunt.   He watched her face as he entered her, her eyes fluttering and her smile widening in delight.

Her eyes opened and he saw them shining with tears. He rocked tenderly, deeply into her. Emotions that he couldn’t form words for coursed through him and he could only hold back so long, soon too soon he worried, he had to thrust into his wife. Karen lifted her hips to him, encouraging him with her body and voice, urging him on with little growls and yelps of delight. And when he couldn’t hold his body back from her any longer he let go, allowing the spiral of energy to snake through him and into her. Panting her name as he pushed into her, his seed pulsing in thick beats out of him. He watched her as he came and knew it was too soon for her, but moments later she was pulling him deeper into her, grinding her hips up to him and he felt the hot convulsions of her orgasm around him, his cock jumped at the tightness as if Karen’s muscle milked him again.

Karen opened her eyes and smiled up at her husband.


“Wow yourself”

Harry rolled away, reluctantly pulling his cock from inside Karen.

“Sorry it was a bit quick”

“Oh no darling, it was lovely, and anyway we’re just a bit out of practice.”



Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Posted by on Apr 13, 2012 in Blog | 16 comments

Exploring vanilla, a challenge

In recent months I’ve often wondered why there seems to be so much kink in erotica.  Why do so many writers choose to write about characters that are immersed in the world of BDSM or fetish?  The only reason I can come up with is that BDSM, kinky sex, adventurous sex, call it what you will, allows the writer an almost infinite number of ways in which their characters can have sex.  If you can think it up you can make them do it that way; from a simple flogging to non-con via an ogiastic excess of partner swapping, boot blacking, pony play and countless other proclivities.

Why do we as authors and readers need such variety?  Not that I’m against variety or experimentation in sex either imagined or real, but if our characters have to have sex every few pages then its easy to assume that the sex has to be different every time, which is why letting them get their kink on is so handy.  We can use the paraphernalia around sex to make the sex interesting and different, but isn’t there a risk here?  Aside from the fact not every reader will be attracted by kink heavy content, aren’t we running the risk of our characters doing rather than feeling sex?  If we concentrate too hard on how the hands were bound don’t we run the risk of losing sight of how it felt to be bound or the emotions or intent behind the need to tie or be tied.

Let’s not forget, sex can be the same positions with the same person, sex can be familiar and friendly, it can be the same, repetitive movements made different by feelings and mood.

While I love to read a beautifully crafted sex scene of deliciously foreign fetish, I also want to read about intimacy and intent, which may or may not go hand in hand with the kink, as writers we shouldn’t rely on kink to short cut us to variety in our work.  At the moment I’m working on several different stories, you can find some of Performance and In Vitro here on the blog, and while they all include sex that explores fetish and kink I’ve also wanted to delve into the nature of everyday sex. Is it possible to have an erotic story with sex between the same two characters that doesn’t require a fork lift truck of equipment and footnotes providing further reading?  Can I write sweet, creamy, luscious vanilla sex in a way that is compelling, realistic but not repetitive?  I hope so, but yes, I’ve been something of a coward and made my task easier by including the odd crop wielding dominatrix or exhibitionist episode.

I’d be interested to hear your views, is there too much kink in your ink?

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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