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Posted by on Nov 26, 2011 in Blog | 16 comments

Reading erotica, am I expecting too much?

Reading erotica, am I expecting too much?

I’ve been given a Kindle and this last week I’ve transfered my library of unread ebooks from my laptop to the Kindle, which has spurred me into catching up with my outstanding erotic reading list and it seems I’m expecting too much from my erotica.

What I want from a story, any story, is this:

  • Characters I can engage with, who’s actions are believable and reflect their personal truths.
  • A plot that, even if fantastical, has emotional depth and truth.
  • Setting that adds to the dramatic force of the narrative.
  • Relationships that are believable and cohesive within the structure of the narrative.
  • If there is sex, and after all if we’re talking erotica there really should be sex, it should be compelling, the descriptions should affect my senses and take me into the scene.

Is that too much to ask?  It would seem so if the erotica I’ve read recently is anything to go by.

I’ve also been reading contemporary and 20th century fiction and there’s no comparison.

One of the most sensual books I’ve read recently was The Rose Of Sebastopol, set at the time of the Crimean War.  The book is breathtaking in its descriptions of people and place, the writing radiates sexual tension yet there is only one, very chastely described, sex scene in it.

In  The Magus, by John Fowles, one of the most intensely erotic scenes I’ve read is that of Lilly/Julie masturbating Nicholas in the sea.  Goodness me but Nicholas Urfe is an unlikable character, yet the writing transports you into the water with him.  I don’t have a cock but I could feel his desire of the woman, feel my insides twist with his, I was as seduced as he was through my senses via words on a page.

These books are not sold as erotica, yet they did what so much of the erotica I’ve been reading has failed to do; they moved me.  They aroused and excited me.  Not in a hands down pants kind of way either, they aroused my senses and my intellect, which, for me, is the sure path to the more base arousal.

So please, writers, make me want your writing, make me want your characters, make me give a fuck about them and their story and then I might, just might want to fuck them too.

Photo credit : Toastytreat via Flickr

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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Loving Joy Soft Bondage Waist to Wrist Restraints : A sex toy review

Time for a review for Sex Toys UK who sent me this product free to review.

Loving Joy Soft Bondage Waist to Wrist Restraints

What they say:

These waist to wrist restraints from Loving Joy are great for those new to bondage.

Easy to use and comfortable, the restraints are perfect for experimenting with and exploring the art of soft bondage with your partner.

The Waist to Wrist restraints fit around your waist and keeps your hands fastened securely behind you back so you’re at your partner’s mercy!

What I say:

These restraints are a workaday solution to bondage.  The restraint is made of nylon webbing with neoprene lined wrist-straps that fasten with velcro.  The belt is very long designed as it is to be one size fits all, it is fastened with a simple plastic buckle and can be easily adjusted to fit.  This was an advantage and a disadvantage for me.  I have a very small waist which traditional belts and buckles are often too big for so it was great to be able to adjust the belt to a snug fit, however this left a very long tail which was unsightly and awkward.

Similarly the wrist-straps are easy to adjust to fit but for me and my tiny wrists I ended up with a lot of spare strap.

To show how easy to use this is I first used it as a prop in my self-portrait I used for my ebook.

The second time I used this was with a date.  Well he used it, I wore it.

It kept me restrained and he enjoyed all that that entailed and when we wanted to change the tone of our time together the simple to use buckles and straps meant we could get the restraint off easily and not spend a passion dulling ten minutes untying or de-rigging me.

Any downsides?

It’s just not very pretty.


Great restraint for beginners, easy to use and adjust for comfort, but it is more about function than form.

Where do I buy one and how much is it?

You can get the Loving Joy Soft Bondage Waist to Wrist Restraints at Sex Toys UK for a bargaintastic £9.95


Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Cave : Wank Wednesday

Another except from my current work in progress, which is called Performance, all about a group of dancers, they say write what you know, well I used to be a dancer, but I promise you it was never like this!


In the restaurant the Carl ordered a spread of finger foods that he knew would appeal to Elissa’s appetite and help maintain the intimacy of their discussion.  He kept the conversation carefully balanced, answering her questions as often as she answered his, the kind of small talk that nudged gently at the edge of personal revelation, creating intimacy and trust, a sense of knowing each other without having to risk oneself.  His was a tacticexpertly designed to delay the rebuilding of the wall of everyday after the physical exposure of the rehearsal room.

“Why dance?  Why not something else?”

“Because it was what I could do, it is where I feel most like me.  In class, in rehearsal, on stage, wherever.  Nothing else exists in those spaces, nothing else matters.  Your life can be going to hell in a hand-basket and it doesn’t matter, all that matters is the dance and your place in it.”

“And is it?”


“Your life, going to hell in a hand-basket?”

“Mine? No.  Is yours?”

“Well it’s far from perfect but for the time being I’m happy enough, though I’m sure there’s still time for me to fuck it up again.  What about you? Is it all the dance or do you have a social life, boyfriend, girlfriend, string of countless lovers?”

Elissa laughed, blushing slightly and concentrating on her food for a moment longer than necessary.

“Yes, mostly the dance, boyfriends, well I’ve had my moments, but no, no-one special at present.  It is difficult when they aren’t dancers for them to understand and its just as difficult when they are dancers.  Men!”

“But you like sex right?”

Elissa’s eyes widened as she held her glass of wine.

“Glad you didn’t ask that while I was drinking, I might have choked.  Yes I like sex.  Who doesn’t?”

Carl shrugged and shook his head in mock seriousness,

“Beats me!”

Elissa laughed again,

“So what is this “Performance” piece about?  You’re being very mysterious and none of us can work it out.”


“What you mean like relationships and stuff?”

“No, I mean like sex, it is all about having sex.”

“Good grief Carl, you’re serious aren’t you?”

“Yes.  The way I see it we spend our lives working, talking, eating, drinking doing whatever and all it is really is a preamble to sex.  Every piece of art, music, dance, every piece in a newspaper, or programme on the TV, everything comes down to sex.  We spend our lives thinking about it, but we’re essentially confused and hiding from it.  I want to put it in the open, put it in a performance.”

“Carl, will you expect us to have sex on stage?”

“Maybe, kind of, well I hope so, but if you don’t want to then it won’t happen.  But I hope, really hope that you will.  No-one will have to do anything they don’t want to.”

“So it is porn, a live sex show?”

“No, not really, I’m hoping that it will be different, more intimate than porn, make the audience think about themselves, question themselves and their deepest fears and needs.”

“I’m going to need to think about this for a while.”

Elissa fell silent, fiddling with her food and as Carl watched her he wondered if he had miscalculated his revelation.  After a few minutes of what was obviously an internal dialogue, Elissa cleared her throat and looked Carl in the eye.

“Right, I’ve thought about this and here’s the deal.  Tomorrow, in rehearsal you have to tell the other dancers what you told me tonight.  Then we’ll all see what’s what.  Okay?”

“Okay.  Thanks Elissa.”

Carl raised his glass to hers, an invitation to some kind of truce.

“Cheer’s Carl, here’s to you and your crazy imagination.”

“Here’s to you Elissa and you’re bravery.”

“So Carl, based on what you’ve just told me about your views on sex, is this a preamble to sex?  Are you courting me, hoping to bed me?  Is this,” Elissa gestured the restaurant around them, “all some grand design to get to fuck me?”

“Yes Elissa it is.  But don’t take it personally, that’s just how life works, we’re all cogs in the large machine of fuck.  Every single industry you can think of is based on the basest of all equations – one plus one equalls sex.”

“Gee, you really do know how to talk to a girl.  So show me.”


“Show me Carl, lets cut the crap, take me back to your place and show me.  Show me sex uncovered.  Reveal to me our base natures, take me back to the stone shelter of cave men and women, take me back in time and show me sex before we built a world on it.”

Elissa was already standing, signalling for the bill, Carl paused, shifted in his seat to rearrange the emerging hard on he had for this woman and, leaving a wad of cash on the table, he grabbed her hand and dragged her from the restaurant.


You can read all the other entries for Cave, this week’s Wank Wednesday erotic writing challenge on the Word Ejaculation site.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Eroticon 2012 : The UK’s first sex blogger’s and erotica writer’s conference

Eroticon, the UK’s first sex blogger’s and erotica writer’s conference.

The conference idea came about after attending a blogging conference last year, I met up with a handful of other erotica writers and sex bloggers, but none of us were able to fully discuss our writing in the general atmosphere of the day.  I was left with the overriding belief that we needed our own conference, a day of inspiring sessions where we could learn, discuss and meet other writers in a safe and uplifting environment, with no fear of judgement or embaressment.

The tag line to Eroticon is “Writing sex right” and I’m working really hard to make sure that the session content for the day helps delegates to do just that, to create content of the highest quality.

So far I’m really excited by the line up of speakers that I’ve secured.  Every single one of them has been generous with their ideas, support and enthusiasm, and I hope they cross the range of familiar and new voices to be heard.  For myself I’m particularly keen to meet John Tisbury as I’m a huge fan of his erotic photography as well as Lori Smith and Zoe Margolis who’s writing  and gumption I enjoy.  I’m looking forward to meeting and drinking with Aisling Weaver and getting better aquainted with Molly Moore and Hazel Cushion: to name just a handful of the speakers.

I’m also working very hard to get some fantastic sponsors for the event as well as find the best in burlesque and erotic readings for the cocktail party.  With just four months to go its getting very exciting but I am officially freaking out from now until March 3rd.

So I’ll end with a little reminder to buy your tickets for what is shaping up to be the first and most awesome sex bloggers and erotic authors conference.

Oh and if you were in doubt of the awesomeness, here’s the schedule!

8.00 – 9.30 Registration

9.00 – 9.30 Welcome and housekeeping

9.30 – 10.30 Panel 1

Identity, ethics and sex blogging : a session discussing  identity, anonymity and privacy of both author and subjects.

10.30 – 10.45 Refreshments

10.45 – 12.00 Session 1, chose one of:

  • Writing workshop : An interactive workshop to help keep the erotic writing juices primed.
  • Social media workshop : Ruby Kiddell : so many platforms so little time, a run down of whats out there and how to get the best out of your social media plan.
  • Taking Your Writing Beyond the Page: Scarlet French : The Power of Collaboration, a session looking at taking your work from the web into the world
12.00 – 13.15 Session 2, chose one of:
  • Making money from your blog : toy reviews, advertising, affiliate schemes and sponsorship relationships, a session looking at the diverse ways to make a income from your blog.
  • Tech workshop:  Michael Knight : A session for those needing a geek fix in the day, a discussion of blogging platforms, the ins and outs of self-hosting, SEO and all the backroom gubbins that gives us more headache than our latest work in progress!
  • Writing surgery : MK Elliot : receive a one to one critique of your work, get valuable feedback to improve and inspire.
13.15 – 14.15 Lunch – eat, discuss, mingle
14.15 – 15.15 Panel 2
Publishers panel : Hazel Cushion : A discussion panel made up of publishers, editors and established authors, who can answer your questions on getting your work published.
15.15 – 16.30 Session 3, chose one of:
  • Sex and the media : Lori Smith : A panel discussing how sex is written about and represented in the media.
  • Photography workshop : John Tisbury : A session for those that want to improve the photography elements of their work.
  • Convincingly queer, writing beyond our experience : Aisling Weaver, Josephine Myles : A discussion on how to we write hot sex scenes when you’re the different gender, sexuality or kink to ever be able to participate first hand.
16.30 – 16.45 Refreshments
16.45 – 18.00 Session 4, chose one of:
  • Marketing & promoting your work : Lucy Felthouse : A session covering marketing your blog and your published work to build your audience
  • Podcasting : Michael Knight : get your voice heard, everything you need to know about starting with podcasting
  • Writing surgery : MK Elliot : receive a one to one critique of your work, get valuable feedback to improve and inspire.

18.00 – 20.00 Closing session cocktail party and readings

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Twitter keys and inspiration

Twitter keys and inspiration

Last week my words were featured on the blog The Twitter Key Project.  The project is the brainchild of Josie, who tweets as @porridgebrain and who blogs at Sleep is for the Weak, the idea is simple; you provide a story in 140 characters and Josie matches it to a key and produces a photograph to publish with your story.

I love this project, there is so much as it showcases not just Josie’s wonderful brand of creativity but also encourages others to create and participate.

My contribution came out a little differently than I imagined, I’m not sure it even conveys the story I have in my head for the key, about a key burning under the skin of a lonely girl, something I have such a clear image for that I know it needs to be written.  I expect this is a fundamental truth about writing, that words don’t always go in the direction we would like and that inspiration can take us down different paths than we anticipate.

Do go over and read all the entries on  The Twitter Key Project and linger a while in the curious world of other peoples’ imaginations.


Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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