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He was wound up tight, like a spring.  She could feel the tension vibrating from him, almost humming across the room.
They had shared so much together, words, glances, whispered desires and demands.  Shared their darkest thoughts, fulfilled each other’s fantasies, but they had never touched.

She supposed this was 21st century courting.

Pen pals, cam pals and today they would find out if their flesh was as willing as their fantasy.

She had been his companion, a gloriously smutty playmate.  She had been willing, inventive and wanton, but more than that she had been good company.  Conversation in the dead of night as lonely in her small world as he was in his, those were the times he had wanted to reach out and touch her.

To brush the hair from her cheek, bury his face in the nape of her neck and smell her womanly fragrance.  The mix of shampoo and sweat, fruity sweet and salty.

To sleep twined around her, getting a dead arm from the weight of her body but not wanting to disturb her lust sated state.

Oh god he was nervous, please let them get on.  Please let her be just the same in three dimensions as two.  Please let him be as she hoped.

He watched her walking across the bar, he stood as she approached.
The sway of her body as she moved, the flutter of fabric around her, an easy grace that the camera could never have done justice too.

And the smile, what a smile, warm and reaching to her eyes, laughing eyes.
Was she laughing at him?  Yes she was, but suddenly he was laughing with her, at her, at them.

Relief washed over them both, they seemed to relax become themselves again as taught smiles gave way to genuine ones.  Cheeks reddened and eyes dropped coyly.

First date nerves banished by their laughter and replaced by lingering glances and fingertips grazing knees, every touch winding him up again, building the sexual tension between them.

She could see the knowledge of her in his eyes, the memory of her naked and opened to his gaze.  She watched him lick his lips, glanced down at his lap and noted the tell tale fullness, the way he shifted in his seat.  She never wanted him to get comfortable again.

Returning her eyes to his she licked her lips, mirroring him slowly and with intent.  Making it clear she knew his desire and would fulfil it.  Letting him imagine her lips glossed with colour and her spit closing over his cockhead.

If they hadn’t been in a bar she would have done it there and then.  Unzipped him, pushed him back in his chair and sucked him dry.  She knew it wouldn’t take long, she understood the need of human touch and the betrayal of long neglected flesh.  Hastening to climax even as you wanted to delay, forcing you to be selfish even as you wanted to please generously.

He was mesmerised by her, captured in her will.  He stood, took her hand and led her from the bar.

Who knew what the future held but tonight it would hold them.  Together.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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