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Posted by on May 3, 2010 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Tight – six words – Eroticnotebook & Bettiepeaches

And finally for this week a six words play with @Bettiepeach, a special voyeurs play titled #Tight for @eroticheat.
My words are in blue hers in brown.

Eyes closed, warm lips pressed Tight

breathing quickens. hands exploring. arousal found.

hands fall, fingers press, mouths sigh

hands bound. cuffs tight. wetness begins.

metal clinks, bar spreads, wetness seeps

tongue licks ankle to knee. teasing

torturous teasing leaves me breathing deeply

touch removed, clamps applied, nipples clit

delicious pain. back arches. moans escape.

Quiet! Tighter. Breath on flesh, softer

yes, mistress. stills movement. watches intently.

Better. Clips pulled while flogger caresses

lips pursed tightly. eyes close slowly.

one, two, three gentle brushing strokes

skin wakens to touch of leather

harder strokes, flesh glowing. Let go

unbelievable sensations build muscles grow tight

harder still, take it, need it

oh please may I have more? 

take more, take all, my pleasure 

 may I come, mistress? for you?

just one lick and I’ll explode

Not yet, wait. Countdown. Six, Five

holds breath, squeezes walls tight, waiting.

four, three, two, one. Come! Now!

One clit, one lick, drown me.

legs quiver. I writhe under you.

Yes Peach, come now, show me.

kiss me. I want to taste.

Your wetness my lips, sweetness shared

oh sweet release. your soft lips.

Hush now, safe in my arms. 

my sated pleasure from glorious torture 

Given, taken, passions sated, desires fulfilled

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Posted by on May 3, 2010 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Six words to fuck you with – Eroticnotebook & Your Dreamer

Thanks go to @your__dreamer for playing with me all day on this set of six words play.
My words are in blue, hers are in brown

Back arched, breath gasps. Your voice.
Teased Clit, juices dripped. I came.
Fingered Cunt, hand wet. I slept. 
Sweat slicked, body ripped. I dreamt.
Come with me inside of you.
Stomach flips, nipples taught, wish fulfilled?
I can hear your urgent need.
Words trace desire’s path. Fingers follow.
Whisper soft, urgent sighs, fingers splay.
My name on your lips. Heaven.
My lips, your cunt, our pleasure.
Feel me there inside you? Mine.
My desire for you is boundless.
Four hands, hungry mouths, needy cunts.
I crave the sound of you.
My whispered words, your slick obedience.
I will fuck you with words.
Imagine me there, there, and there.
Thoughts follow, fill, fuck, and devour.
Body twists, pillow gives, moans muted.
Crave more, words flame desires need.
My want, ‘come for me now.’
My need: touch more than words
Cock and cunt. I want them both.
Words strike, passion’s hilt. I come.
Your cum, my lips. fucking delicious.
Words cast, legs spread, come again?
Cocks sheathed in cunt, hips buck.
Hard behind, soft before, sensual dichotomy.
arms wrapped, breasts pressed, girl fucked.
My wish, your surrender, your plundering.
one surrenders, two holds, three fucks.
Painted pleasure, their come, my flesh.
Hold me fast over orgasms abyss.
Unbreakable grip. Mine. Let yourself go.
four licks, five fingers, six slicks.
My mark on your skin, indelible.
one comes, two whispers, take more.
Low growl, fuck my slut again.
eyes meet breath catches, smile invites.
My hand, his cock, your cunt.
Spine bends, hips flex, opens wide.
Moans captured in my hungry kiss.
Kisses back, takes more, deeper, further.
seven fists, eight twists, one comes.
Spread wider, take deeper, show me.
Surrendered to touch, tongue, cunted, fucked.
Not boundaries, just dotted lines. Come.
My whisper, “let go,” your surrender.
Shivering, shuddering, muscles releasing. Desire drained.
Are you begging for mercy yet?
Mettle tested, molten steel core. More.
Rope and blindfold, raise the bar.
Pull me tighter, take me further.
Find my voice in the darkness.
Senses stilled, passion strains, lust follows.
Tongue strokes, fingers flick, teeth bite.
Nerves jump, smiles twitch, lovely switch.
Time for marks, then to fuck.
Bound, blind, senses darkened, desires darker.
Flesh marked with nails and palm.
Palm slaps, flesh sighs, sense rebound.
My favourite color, your arse’s blush.
Blush red, flesh spreads, inviting more.
Arms tied above, ankles wide. Perfect.
Muscles pulled taught, flesh pulled wide.
Trembling, waiting for the next touch.
Impact sways, sinuous rebound, you gasp.
Impact ripples through body, nerves, desire.
Bite of clamps, slap to clit.
Flinch, gasp. Bites lip, wetter slit.
Slap, gasp, tug, moan. My Instrument.
Strung taught, lusts played, higher stil.
Hot whisper, “my slut”. Darkening arse.
Instant response; deep, welling, spilling sweetness.
Captured essence, smeared lips, languid kiss.
Needs demanding. Fill me, empty me.
Invited cock fills cunt, fingered clit.
Breast to breast, cock to cunt.
You’ll take what I give you.
Come fucked forth, fingered clit, nipples.
Body played, fucked, splayed. Your desire.
Clamps released, deep thrusts, drummed clit.
Push back, welcome home, thrumming clit.
Hushed demand, “Come for me now.”
Hours of sweet tension, moments release.
One word, your name, souls echo.
one voice, my name, my claim.
Ragged scream, desire washed from me.
Perfect release, your cum, my pleasure.
Tension cut, delivered by sweet fuck.
Ropes cut, deliver you to me.
Held close, soft caress, finish me.
Gentle touch, bruised skin, soft tongue.
Whimper soft, tongues caress, melt again.

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Posted by on May 3, 2010 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Six words to surrender by – Eroticheat & Eroticnotebook

Following on from the #sixwords play with Bettiepeach and Eroticheat – there was this pretty little set between me and Eroticheat – aptly named #sixwordstosurrenderby

His words are in red, mine in brown.

*rolls up sleaves* drop your jeans!

pay attention you already disrobed me

your attentive attractive buttocks ímpatiently displayed

the sluttish ass demands red heat?

challenge laid I can but sucumb

Legs spread, arse presented, hands clenched

warning, arousal but no orgasm awaits

thwack! As you shudder. Testing, teasing

speak for yourself photoboy, a challenge

leaving your plump desire unfulfilled. Thwack!

inhales, exhales, arches back out more

reddening alabaster cheeks aroused. Left untouched

still wet from play, moisture tempts

bent over the table. Thwack! Groan!

a last swish, left bound. Waiting

sighs, arching, presents legs wider, more

spits at realisation, delight in torment

you tricked me, not playing fair

I never play fair. too predictable?

sighs and relaxes, please pass cushion

your desire for a pillow granted

small concessions elicit further willing submission

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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Six words – Eroticheat, Bettiepeach, Eroticnotebook

I’ve been a long time getting around to this post, but some #sixword play on twitter this week has prompted me to tidy it up and post it.
This was the first #sixword play that I took part in.
It really is as simple as saying something, anything in just six words. 
Of course this being me I tend to err towards smut and when @eroticheat and @bettiepeach joined in who was I to cry off.
My tweets are in blue, Eroticheat’s in red and the incomparable Bettiepeache’s in brown.

eroticnotebook    His words tickle inside my ear
eroticheat    I feel the fuck of you
eroticheat    Trembling, your orgasm conquers me completely
eroticheat    Your wet desire coats my need
eroticheat    Trembling in anticipation, your glistening arouses

bettiepeach    Bind me. Tease me. Take me.

eroticnotebook    Four am phone set to vibrate
eroticnotebook    Here now, together apart, need desire

bettiepeach    rolls over to wake you properly

eroticheat    The sway of your hips entices
eroticnotebook    fucking mobile alerts forgot to cancel
eroticheat    Your parting legs entice my erection

bettiepeach    wet, warm apex meets lapping tounge

eroticheat    A drop of your desire mesmerises
eroticnotebook    plants large smakeroo on lovely girl
eroticnotebook    still sleepy, you’re way ahead of me

bettiepeach    Seek my wetness for your pleasure

eroticnotebook    I repeat 4 AM cant count

bettiepeach    sweet alarms come from wet touches

eroticnotebook    lovely way to wake up, sigh
eroticheat    your wet desire trembles through me
eroticnotebook    butler butler fetch me tea, now
eroticheat    thought of you two together, aroused

bettiepeach    I find your sex full, waiting
bettiepeach    he watches. stroking. we touch playfully.

eroticheat    your breathing captivates my complete arousal
eroticheat    the scent of your arousal overhwelms
eroticnotebook    hands on softness eyes on hardness
eroticheat    your slippery desire captures my soul
eroticheat    eyes on my erection inflame desire

bettiepeach    wet lips find warm tongues teasing

eroticheat    near orgasm the mutual intoxication electrifies
eroticnotebook    fingers prying sliding, wetness coating clinging
eroticheat    the moistness of your touches captures
eroticheat    As if 140 characters was restrictive

bettiepeach    four enchanted eyes envelop your erection

eroticnotebook    my mouth taking breath and desires
eroticheat    spellbound in your attention. Your captive
eroticheat    have my desire as your plaything.

bettiepeach    synchronized breath brings hands to tango
bettiepeach    My playful vixen, 140 is torture

eroticnotebook    hands pace out rhythm of releasing desire

bettiepeach    Lay back on me, breasts heaving

bettiepeach    dueling tongues share your shaft teasingly
eroticnotebook    shy smiles breath slowing orgasms aftermath
eroticnotebook    forgot about him in my pleasure
eroticheat    the shyness of you enhances desire

bettiepeach    your frenzied pleasure needs no apologies
bettiepeach    show your desire, make me burn

eroticheat    my surrended orgasm yours to have
eroticheat    my need for your touch unbearable
eroticnotebook    hardness clenched between us driving on

eroticheat    allow my orgasm. I am delirious
bettiepeach    let us taste your pleasure together

eroticheat    your control of my desire unbearable
eroticheat    I groan at my orgasm withheld

bettiepeach    two tongues tangle to release you

eroticnotebook    multiplication was never this fun before
eroticheat    unbearable pleasure you take in teasing
eroticheat    I seek your release into orgasm

bettiepeach    so many delicious things in pairs

eroticnotebook    repetitive nuanced delight drawn from you

bettiepeach    hands, tongues pacing faster, rapture begins

eroticnotebook    desires own fierce force overwhelms you
eroticheat    scent, breath, hands, mouths, arousal groaaaan
eroticheat    sticky hot release is imminent. Yessss

bettiepeach    tounges, lips glazed with your release

eroticheat    your mutual fierce wantoness is overwhelming
eroticheat    Çaptivated. Fucked. Released. Spent. Two tormentors
eroticnotebook  &
nbsp; molten seed, liquid sex, wet bed

eroticheat    kiss of our combined tastes. Delicious

bettiepeach    sweet soft kisses, laced with teasing

eroticheat    sensuous entangled sticky warm slumber enchants
eroticheat    tongues glazed in me arouse again

bettiepeach    light, languid touches find oversensitive skin
bettiepeach    Sated. Delicious play. Three beautiful minds.

eroticnotebook    languidly spinning silken yarns of delight
eroticheat    BOTH OF YOU! in my bed!
eroticheat    the greatest fuck. The mind captivated

bettiepeach    *snaps to attention* whatever you wish
eroticnotebook    statement of wonder or lustful comand?

eroticheat    alas my bed now seems empty
eroticnotebook    searches out international flghts and visas
eroticheat    I desire our entanglement again. Soon
eroticnotebook    think we took over a concept
eroticnotebook    just had me a twitter threesome
eroticheat    searches frantically for passport and mastercard

bettiepeach    always find the power in three

eroticnotebook    turns swiftly and dives on bed
eroticheat    we own that concept completely now

bettiepeach    Closest midpoint? Middle of the Atlantic?

eroticnotebook    A Canary Island or Cape Verde?
eroticheat    1 x 3 = 6 Math

bettiepeach    Oh how I love good kink

eroticheat    was too spent to get up!
eroticheat    waiting in my bed for you
eroticnotebook    kink kink, bounce bounce, kink, bounce
eroticheat    where is it warmest this time
eroticheat    temporarily, desire complete by our fuck
eroticnotebook    Canaries always warm, Cape Verde sexier

bettiepeach    Warmest? Other than between my legs?

eroticheat    keep still or we bind you
eroticnotebook    always grateful for a good thesaurus

bettiepeach    Oh dear, need to become chatty

eroticheat    the glistening afterglow arouses me again
eroticnotebook    collapses in heap dreaming of hummingbirds
eroticnotebook    kisses softly as our ways part
eroticnotebook    turns to her lover and smiles
eroticheat    he smiles back. She was sublime?

bettiepeach    caresses your face, kissing you softly

eroticnotebook    nods in agreement sublime, sexy, stellar
eroticnotebook    the shadow of your afterglow embraces
eroticheat    delicious snuggle of warm curves’ lullabies
eroticheat    You think anyone was watching us?
eroticnotebook    only at least 6k timelines giggle
eroticheat    #sexisbest when captivate three minds 

bettiepeach    Extra pleasure comes from captive audiences

eroticnotebook    Thirsty work really must have tea
eroticnotebook    reaches up stealing kisses from sleep

eroticheat    slumbering awareness distantly feels loves kiss
bettiepeach    My feed is filled with sex

eroticnotebook    no energy for more, will watch
eroticnotebook    #sixwords is filled with our sex 
eroticheat    I thought you were watching now?

bettiepeach    Love to tickle and spank you!
bettiepeach    Time to retire on this side

eroticnotebook    I say it again NEED TEA

bettiepeach    With love. I am yours. Both.

eroticnotebook    off to kitchen for emergency supplies
eroticheat    the time until again is unbearable
eroticheat    I thought I do the spanking???

bettiepeach    *she whispers* Grazie principessa. Grazie bello.

eroticnotebook    swishes crop through air, just flexing
eroticheat    *graps crop* *gives meaningful look* armchair
eroticnotebook    thwack thwack thwack thwack hmmm onomatopoeia
eroticheat    thwack. Glistens. Thwack. Sighs. Thwack. Groans

bettiepeach    Hard to leave so much thwacking.

bettiepeach    no, must sleep. Must keep job.
eroticnotebook    goodnight sweet peach girl of mine
eroticheat    Subsumed by your delicious eroticism anon

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

If you enjoyed my writing you can find more of my erotic fiction stories on and, don't be shy leave a review!

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