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Posted by on Jan 24, 2014 in Blog, Erotic pictures | 11 comments

How boudoir photography helped me define myself

How boudoir photography helped me define myself

Six  years ago I had a boudoir photography shoot with Matt Christie and it helped to change my life.

At the time, I booked the shoot to boost my self esteem and to make a present for my husband, it did both but when I started writing erotica and using the name Ruby Kiddell those photos became integral to me and helped shape my identity. For a very long time I used a crop of the photo below as my Twitter avi – the legs became Ruby and folk would complain if I changed the picture for anything else.

Ruby Kiddell

Even now the headshot I use is a crop of one of Matt’s photos

ruby kiddell

I love the photos that Matt took for so many reasons – they were taken just before I fell pregnant so they mark a moment in time, a closing of one part of my life before I became a mama.

They showed me in a way that I had only ever seen myself in my head – I wanted to look glamorous and sexy but never quite saw myself as that and so to have the photographic evidence helped me to realise a part of myself I’d been struggling to express.  When I started to write erotica as Ruby Kiddell I knew exactly who Ruby was, she was the woman in the photographs that Matt had captured and helped to create.

Ruby Kiddell photoshootI can’t promise that boudoir photography will change your life but it is a wonderful opportunity to explore a different part of your personality – to be playful, dominant, seductive or demure – and Matt really is a wonderful person and photographer to do this with.  While my photoshoot was six years ago I know Matt’s welcoming and warm nature is the same as ever.

I’m very lucky to have continued to have Matt in my life as a friend and I’ll always treasure his photos of me.

Find out more about Matt Christie and his boudoir photography here

Thanks for reading,

Ruby x

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  1. Your pictures are wonderful. I am glad that they gave you such happiness and what you needed. I have long wanted a photoshoot but I am scared to do it.

    • They really are a lot of fun, the most important thing is to find a photographer that you are comfortable with and who’s style that you like.

  2. Ruby, I got a voucher for one of these shoots as a Christmas present so I loved reading this post and your pics are gorgeous – but then you’re gorgeous in the flesh too so of course they are. I’m going to get my session booked up this week, I’m nervous and excited for although I’ve done photo shoots before – some a little risky – it was a few years ago!

    • Thanks Lily, my advice is to go for it but make sure you have a good chat with your photographer before hand, also go with some ideas of the look you want to get from the shoot.

    • Thanks Marie x

  3. Wonderfully shot… beautifully posed. Such a shame there’s only three images in the set. I’m sure you could have persuaded Matt to take a few more….

  4. Very kind of you to say so Jez, I’m glad you appreciate them.

  5. Gorgeous! I had a similar shoot 10 years ago when I was 250 lbs. I’d always thought of myself as extremely unattractive, but the photographer made me see myself as beautiful. It actually helped me to lose weight!

  6. I love the post, it’s a great insight for me. I am a photographer, and it’s my stated goal to help women feel like you do about their images. My serafina has always said how affirming my photography is for her, and I now understand a little bit better why that is!

  7. I loved this. Beautifully written as always XXX

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